Australian Crawl - The Album Collection (Fathers Day Special)


Australian Crawl - The Album Collection (Fathers Day Special)

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Limited Deluxe Edition 7LP 180gm Vinyl Box Set!

38 years after their formation Australian Crawl are proud to announce the release of 'Australian Crawl: The Album Collection,' their recorded works on vinyl!

Boasting 7 top 40 singles and 6 Top 10 albums across their career – this new collection compiles all four studio albums, two live albums and the 'Semantics' LP together on 180gm for the first time.

As part of its inclusion in The Album Collection, 'Semantics' marks the first time the album has been officially released in Australia.
Fans will be familiar with the 'Semantics EP' released in 1983. The single from it, "Reckless (Don't Be So)" topped the Australian chart in November 1983.

Other tracks from the EP were "The Night," "White Limbo" and 'Looking For Cool." Not long after the release of the EP, Australian Crawl were signed to Geffen Records for the United States. The 'Semantics' release was repackaged for the US market, with the original four tracks from the EP, but augmented with six newly recorded versions of the songs from the band's earlier albums.

"The Boys Light Up" and "Indisposed" are re-recorded versions of tracks from their debut album 'The Boys Light Up' (1980), while "Errol," "Lakeside," "Things Don't Seem" and "Unpublished Critics" are re-recorded versions of tracks from their second album 'Sirocco' (1981).

'The Album Collection' vinyl box set also includes:

'The Boys Light Up:' The classic debut album released in 1980. The album spent over 100 weeks on the Australian album chart and celebrated accreditation of over 4x platinum; 'buoyed' by the singles "Beautiful People," "Downhearted" and the title track.

'Sirocco:' Released in 1981, Sirocco spent six weeks at #1. It was the second highest selling album in Australia in 1981, occupying over 8 Months in the Top 20 chart, boasting the singles "Oh No Not You Again," "Things Don't Seem" and "Errol."

'Sons Of Beaches:' Released in 1982 again hit #1 on release and stayed there for 5 weeks. Singles from 'Sons Of Beaches' included "Daughters Of The Northern Coast," "Shut Down" and "Runaway Girls."

'Phalanx:' This live album was released in December 1983, gathered from performances at the legendary Bombay Rock venue on the Gold Coast and Sydney Entertainment Centre on the Semantics tour. It hit #4 on the album chart.

'Between A Rock & A Hard Place:' The final Australian Crawl studio album, issued in 1985 – the album debuted at #11, featuring the singles "Trouble Spot Rock" and "Two Can Play."

'The Final Wave:' Recorded Live in Melbourne the day after Australia Day 1986, the 14 track album committed to tape forever what would be their final Melbourne show and perfectly encapsulated the energy and joy the band so perfectly displayed. Upon release, the album debuted at #16 on the Australian chart.

Each album preserves the original packaging format of their original issue and is pressed on 180gm vinyl, mastered for the format by Don Bartley for Benchmark Mastering.

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