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Book Launch - Elvis and Me by Gillian Wills

A world-weary musician and broken racehorse rescue each other in this inspirational memoir about second chances.

After retiring from her position as Head of Music at a prestigious arts college, Gillian Wills buys her first horse on a whim. Elvis is emaciated, emotionally scarred, saddle-phobic and has a bad attitude to boot. Although he was described as ‘perfect for beginners’, Gillian soon discovers there is nothing perfect or standard about him! Learning to care for the difficult Elvis with the help of a talented ‘horse whisperer’, introduces Gillian to a whole new world where her music skills and knowledge are pushed to the background and daily discussions centre around the weather, colic symptoms, hoof abscesses and how to tell good grass from bad.

As Gillian gradually learns to care for Elvis and restore his broken body and spirit, she also begins healing herself and develops an inner confidence, self-acceptance and strength. She also begins to combine both her music and artistic world with her horse world. Soon she realises that Elvis has not only shown her a new way of understanding herself but a whole new way of living.