View from a bookshop

Welcome to our first blog from Readers Companion. Michelle and I will be adding various topics to our blog as we go along, not all of the blogs will be related to books, music or even our store.

In this first blog I wanted to write about a few topics, one of which is male authors and the writing of female characters. There was an interesting article in the Guardian this week regarding this (Guardian link). Why is it so difficult for a man to write from a womens perspective? 

The male/female relationship has been discussed a lot lately, unfortunately not for good reasons. The continued misogyny in our society is heartbreaking, why can't we move ahead in this area? To think that women are still paid less, respected less and listened to less is a frightful indictment on our society.  Tim Winton has written an article for the Guardian on how toxic masculinity is shackling men to misogyny (find the article here). I suppose the positive we can take out of all this is that it is being discussed across the whole of our society.

Locally Made and Played A4 2 sided program[1].jpg

Last Saturday there was a wonderful event "Locally Made and Played", this gave musicians the chance to play at various venues around the CBD. Everyone who came to the event had a great night, lets try and keep this event as a regular on the local calendar. 


This Saturday (21st April) we have Record Store Day. This is a celebration of the independent record stores around the world. With the growth of the large companies (Sanity, JB HIFI, etc) a lot of the smaller stores disappeared. The joy of browsing eclectic selections risked being lost forever and this generation would have missed the pleasure that gives. Thankfully the industry pushed back against these huge stores and record stores have started to flourish again. Being able to find an obscure Frank Zappa or Bowie as you flick through the record boxes is a joy that never grows old. For the event this time we will have the Kombi parked out the front of the store with two great musicians playing under the awning (Crooked Tree). Later at our bar (Charlie's Last Stand) you can bring your new record and play it in the bar and share the joy of music with everyone.

What are we reading/listening to this week

Tom Waits has been played non stop in the shop as Warner has finally released remastered copies of his classic albums. Currently I'm reading "Into The Void" by Joe Simpson which will guarentee I will never go mountain climbing.