Donovan: Greatest Hits Vol. 1


Donovan: Greatest Hits Vol. 1


180gm Vinyl Reissue!

Donovan's Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits album from Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan, first released in 1969.

It collects three singles that were previously unreleased on any album: "Epistle to Dippy", "There Is a Mountain", and "Laléna". It also presents the unedited "Sunshine Superman" (one minute and fifteen seconds longer than the original 1966 single and LP release), and most of the songs appear for the first time in stereo.

Lastly, Donovan's Greatest Hits contains re-recordings of "Catch the Wind" and "Colours" with Big Jim Sullivan playing guitar, John Paul Jones on bass and keyboards and Clem Cattini on drums.

Epic Records could not obtain the right to release the original recordings of these two songs, so Donovan recorded new versions in May 1968 with a full backing band and a lavish production by Mickie Most.

Donovan's Greatest Hits marked the high point of Donovan's popularity in both the United States and United Kingdom.

180gm audiophile vinyl

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